Our expertise in Mechanical engineering in the field of static equipment design, GAD/MDS Preparation and detailing/Fabrication drawing preparation including but not limited to .

  Heat exchangers
  Refinery columns
  Pressure vessels / Reactors
  Mounded bullet
  Storage tanks
  Road transport vessels for Gas & Liquid application
  Column Internals (Trays)

Relevant applicable Standards

  ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 & 2
  ASME Section II
  IS-2825 code
  TEMA standards
  API-660 for shell & tube heat exchanger
  API-663 for hairpin type heat exchanger
  API-662 part 1 for plate & frame heat exchanger
  HEI for Feed water heater and Surface condenser
  Guidelines of EEMUA-190, OISD-150, SMPV Rules

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